Effective Teeth Whitening Methods

Apart from perfectly aligned teeth, another common reason why patients visit a cosmetic dentist is to have their teeth whitened. Not only does having whiter teeth allow you to have a brighter smile and be more confident about yourself, it also helps in making you look younger.

As a child, your baby teeth is considerably whiter than the adult teeth that grow out. As your permanent teeth are no longer replaced by new teeth, it eventually becomes darker or discolored after years of exposure to food and drinks, poor dental hygiene, and the mineral structure of your teeth simply changing as you age. There are many other causes for the discoloration of teeth, including coffee and tea stains, tar from smoking tobacco, enamel hypoplasia, and more. Teeth also become naturally more yellow or opaque when you reach your 50s.

A Teeth Whitening Method To Eliminate All Types of Stains and Discoloration

While there are plenty of standard teeth whitening methods that can be applied by dentists and even patients themselves, no method is currently as effective as Deep Bleaching™. Available at Back Mountain Dental, Deep Bleaching™ is effective even on patients who have bleach resistant teeth or those who simply can’t use standard whitening methods due to their oral sensitivities. Deep Bleaching™ is also proven to be able to whiten Tetracycline teeth stains – which is the result of ingesting tetracycline antibiotics – quicker and more effectively than any other method.

After your consultation at Back Mountain Dental with Dr. James DeFinnis, you can undergo the Deep Bleaching™ process which happens over two appointments, two weeks apart. The first appointment is an in-office bleaching, which is done to condition your teeth to absorb more oxygen from the bleach from the special bleaching trays that you will be using at home. Before your second appointment, you will be wearing the bleaching trays every night for the next 14 days, after which you can undergo the final Deep Bleaching™ session back at our facility. All of this is done with very minimal, to no sensitivity towards your teeth and gums.

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