1. The best dental office I have ever experienced. Everyone is happy and friendly and makes my visit pleasurable. Dr.Definnis is the personal and very concern for his patients and wants to give them the best. Thank all of you.

2. ​​​​​​​The staff at Back Mountain Dental are extremely nice and very efficient. I was in a lot of pain and needed an emergency root canal, I called in the morning and they saw me that afternoon. The Dentist was very gentle and patient with me as I am fearful from being hurt by other dentists in the past. I was done in less than an hour and had no pain at all. Even after the anesthetic wore off I did not feel sore or tender. I will be getting a lot of dental work done and have full faith and trust in Back Mountain Dental.
3. ​​​​​​​Great dentist, great office. You will be highly satisfied with Dr. DeFinnis and his staff. They all highly professional, the office is very clean and the staff is very friendly. I highly recommend Back Mountain Dental​​​​​​​.
4. ​​​​​​​Back Mountain Dental is hands down the best in the area. I have never been to an office where the entire staff is always smiling, go above and beyond for you and actually care about you. Dr. James Definnis is an amazing dentist. He is with you from start and finish, follows up with you and most important if you are having any problems day or night he will help you in anyway he can. To me that is very important. I want to thank the entire staff for all of your hard work.​​​​​​​
4. ​​​​​​​I have been going to Back Mountain Dental for 10 years now and so has my wife and all of my family members i could not be more happy with the dental work that i have received there and they are reasonably priced. The staff knows your name as soon as you walk in without having to look it up and they always are smiling. I have had regular dental work as well as cosmetic dentistry and so has my wife i have seen a change in her confidence and general happiness because of it Thank You Dr Definnis! ​​​​​​​